Sarah Walters

As Managing Director of Made Public, Sarah drives a hard bargain, leads with the ferocity of a lion all whilst smiling sweetly; three attributes which more than likely led to her winning Havering Business Person of the Year in 2015. Sarah has an unrivalled knowledge in site regeneration, having paved the way for the creative rebirth of Romford through projects such as The Retailery and Colour in Romford. She is driven by her desire to exceed expectations, taking on projects that are often seen as impossible. Her forward thinking approach has already made her a specialist in shopping centre regeneration, which can be seen in the success of the Pie Eyed Festival that took place at The Brewery, Romford and the bestowing of the ‘Innovation Award’, received in 2016 for her work at The Quadrant. Lets face it there can’t be many people that graduate from Goldsmiths University with a 1st Class degree in Fine Art, who go on to single-handedly build a successful business empire dedicated to creative urban regeneration, all before turning the grand old age of 30. What a legend.