Our Bid will be based on the needs and ideas that come from you the business community. It is your voice that needs to be heard and your choice on what improvements you want to see introduced. We believe now is the time to define Romford town centre as a key visitor destination and we want to do this by empowering our business community to create both an identity and a business plan that helps  our town to really stand out from the crowd.


The first step was to produce and distribute our town centre survey entitled ‘Romford is changing and it’s exciting!’ to all businesses within the proposed BID area. We are pleased to say we have had a fantastic response, far above the national average. The results have shaped our initial thinking and the full report will be shortly be published on the website.

The next stage is for us to hear directly, face to face from as many businesses as we can. The BID, if successful, will involve all town centre businesses in the town centre with a rateable value above £15,000.


The RTMP believe that it is vital that all businesses get a chance to input into our new Romford business plan and also get the opportunity to find out what Romford BID  means for them and their business.


To ensure everyone gets the chance to have their say and find out more we have arranged over 25 BID focus groups throughout November 2016. Until our planned ballot we will be working on the BID business plan. We want to visit  you one to one to discuss the impact, give you a chance  to suggest ideas and meet the team driving this forward.

To find out more either get in touch by email or phone or this website to arrange a one to one meeting.
This is an exciting time for Romford and we feel the business community should be leading the way in helping Romford to realise its potential as one of the leading town centres in the UK.