Jonny Birkett

Jonny Birkett

Jonny Birkett is one of the UK’s leading place management specialists. After over a decade working as a town centre manager, BID director and chief executive, he now uses his expertise to help places create effective, pragmatic and innovative place management solutions.

His work in Business Improvement Districts won him international recognition as the 2010 winner of the IDA World Congress for creating an exceptional visitor experience. He was selected as one the six national Portas’ Pilot and Town Team advisors and in 2013 and was awarded the ATCM’s Chairman’s award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the industry for his work in place management in 2012.

He was the Association of Town and City Management’s – evening and night time economy expert leading on the developing of the international Purple Flag programme. His work included introducing ENTE economic development and place management programmes in cities across the UK, Sweden, Republic of Ireland and in North America.

He co-authored the Diversifying the Night-time Economy To Create Self-Regulating Town Centres guidelines commissioned by the Home Office as part of the 2014 national LAAA programme.

He is the Chief Place Engineer for Place Engine International and Chief Executive of Nightworks, the non-profit organisation supported by Central Government departments, global private sector partners and NTE specialists who have a vested interest in UK town and city centres having a more balanced and diverse daytime, evening and night time economy.

Nightworks is also the official Diversity lead for the British Government’s Home Offices LAAA2 programme.