This Autumn visitors to romford were able to discover a thrilling trail of light and illusion in the heart ofRomford. The Illusionarium had a series of stunning artworks chosen by the community and installed in prominent places across Romford town centre.

The festival started earlier in October and closed on Saturday 6th November. There were many opportunities for people to take part including pumpkin carving and many other creative workshops, become a light explorer and win prizes for discovering all of the artworks on the trail or take part in cultural celebrations, such as, Diwali.

The Illusionarium was developed in a collaborative partnership between people who live in the community with Havering Changing, local businesses led by the Romford Bid and is being managed by local creative network The No Collective.

A national open call was organised for artists and creators to submit proposals for the festival and the sponsored artworks were chosen by a panel at a decision day by community members, local businesses, and partners such as, Transport for London.

On Wednesday 13 October, local business owners and project partners got the opportunity to experience the amazing artworks in a tour across the festival locations, which include The Mercury Shopping Centre, St Edward’s Church and Romford Station.

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