Romford BID has appointed First Mile, award-winning commercial waste, and recycling specialists, to bring an efficient service to Romford BID members that benefit them both economically and environmentally.

In addition to an initial subsidy that Romford BID will offer to every member when they sign up to the scheme, there will be further discounts immediately applied to a range of First Mile services.

The new partnership between Romford Business Improvement District (BID) and First Mile will offer Romford BID members greater choice, improved efficiency, and a collective approach to recycling, improving our environment while reducing the annual costs for businesses who sign up to the scheme.

The partnership with First Mile of a new recycling service is an important step in supporting our businesses in reducing their annual costs, delivering an efficient service and above all, supporting the environment in which we live and work in. Romford BID members will instantly save money through not just the agreed subsidy arrangement but attractive discounts.

The subsidy paid by Romford BID to its members can be spent on a range of First Mile Services, dependent on the business needs. Furthermore, Romford BID members who sign up to the scheme will immediately benefit from discounts on many of First Mile services. Members will be able to choose what their businesses need, create a menu of services that not only delivers but also saves money throughout the year, improves the immediate environment, and supports sustainability goals.

The new Romford BID recycling scheme launched on 1st September 2021. However, Romford BID members can contact First Mile to find out more about this exciting service or sign up now.

Call their Customer Success Team on 0333 300 3448 or by emailing them at