My name is Abigail. I am a town ambassador and I joined Romford BID on 5th October 2020.  My day consists of reporting on street cleanliness, safety issues and any anti-social behaviour.  We act as walking information points for anyone visiting Romford, always ready to help.

The best thing about my job is getting to walk all over town and greet lots of new people, everyone seems to have a smile on their face.

There are some great things to do in Romford. The Sapphire and Ice and Leisure is a fantastic place for all ages and the Monster trail we put on over this Halloween has been a great adventure to see.

I hadn't been in the role for long but whilst completing some business visits in the Mercury, a stand had an entertainment clown outside who decided to give us balloon flowers which was lovely.

Where would you recommend to a visitor coming to the town to visit?

My recommendations to visitors coming to Romford would be to visit the the arcades at Namco in the Brewery, which I love! and to pop into the Shopping Hall to get noodles from the Pearl of the Orient!

Also, The Comic Book Heroes shop is the place to go for all your random needs, Jason who owns the place is always super helpful!