I'm Rachel, a town ambassador for Romford BID. I began my position on the 5th October 2020.  My day to day roles includes reporting on rubbish and fly tipping, any graffiti and anything else which can be improved to make Romford a safer and inviting place to come.

The best thing about my job is that no two days are the same.  You are always meeting new people and getting to know our local shop owners. There are some great things in Romford. The wild walk it is a great way to explore the town as is also doing the Monster trail hunt. Recently something unique happened whilst I was on shift as we got the chance to chat with our local Spiderman!

I would definitely recommend to a visitor coming to the town to visit the Sapphire and Ice gym, lovely people with lovely staff.  Also, Raphael’s Park and Restaurant. For me Romford's best kept secret is that it has two churches called St Edward the Confessor!